Sunday, July 27, 2014

Choosing a Path


I know I mentioned a week or so ago that I’ve become an independent ambassador for Plexus products, and that I did that so that I could save some money on my monthly product purchase.  I really had no intention of trying to sell the product, for a variety of reasons.  But in the past few days, I find myself wondering if maybe that’s the wrong decision.

Like a good many people, I have an inherent skepticism when it comes to any sort of network marketing plan, even when I personally believe in the product.  But, I’ve seen so many people—people I actually know, not random strangers—who have benefitted both physically and financially from Plexus, and I find myself wondering if I should just take a deep breath and jump in.

On the other hand, MLM concerns aside, I also know that I’ve been dissatisfied at work lately, and have been hoping and praying for an alternative.  Sure, this could be an answer to a prayer, or it could just be me desperately grasping at straws.  I have never been a fan of running away from something rather than running to something; it just seems to me that is simply asking for trouble.   Of course, I wouldn’t be looking to just up and abandon an actual paycheck to chase potential income, but if I could generate a little extra cash every month, I think that might take a lot of stress out of the actual job situation, if I didn’t feel like leaving was absolutely out of the question. 

It’s just a lot to consider, especially when we’re seriously looking at a five year retirement plan, so this is not a spectacular time to be making a lot of changes in our financial situation.  So I know it won’t be a decision to be entered into easily, whether I pursue the opportunity or leave it behind.  I only hope that I won’t regret whichever choice I make.