Monday, December 31, 2012

Wrapping Up


New Year 12-31-12Image courtesy of Idea go at

Wow, I absolutely cannot believe that another year is ending.  I think it’s a definite sign of age that I so often find myself saying, “where does the time go?”.  Still, I’m hoping that I’m not so old that I don’t still have quite a few more years of wondering left in me.

So, what few tidbits to wrap up 2012 and make room for 2013?  Let’s see . . .

  • No more excuses; it’s time to get back on the fitness wagon.  My steps last year were 3,925,361, covering 1872.75 miles.  Certainly, the average is skewed, because the last few months of the year have been so horrendously sedentary, but it averaged out to slightly less than 11K steps a day, or just over 5 miles.  My goal is to average 15K steps daily, which I think (if my math is correct, which is always a huge “if”) will be about 7 miles or so per day.  I also need to find some sort of strength training to work into my goals, since straight out cardio doesn’t seem to have very lasting effects for me.
  • Beginning tomorrow, the latest installment of the Ultimate Blog Challenge will begin, and I’m taking part again.  I did pretty well with it last summer, but did horribly with the October attempt, so I need to make up for that.  I already have a planning calendar, and even have a few things penciled in, so I’m hoping to be a bit more organized about the whole thing.  If you want to meet some new bloggie friends, I’d encourage you to check it out. 
  • My plan is to graduate in December, though that will take a couple of jam-packed semesters.  (I’ve enrolled in 18 hours for the spring, though I may need to drop one of those classes once I get a look at the syllabi.)  I’d prefer not to have to include classes during the summer, but that may be necessary; we’ll see how that works out. 
  • I saw an idea online that I really liked, so I’m going to give it a try:  You start the year with an empty jar and some note paper.  Then, as the days roll along, anytime something good happens, you jot it down on a piece of paper and drop it in the jar.  Could be reaching a goal, or having a good meal out with friends, receiving a compliment that made you feel great—just anything good in your daily life.  Then, on New Year’s Eve, dump out the jar and read through the notes, reliving all the excellent parts of life that you may have forgotten about in the jumble of daily living.  I think it’s a great idea, and I’m hoping Brian and Billy will play along.
  • Lastly, in the past few days there have been many cute/thoughtful/inspiring graphics floating around Facebook (many more than usual, I mean) with thoughts about how to live your life going forward.  I will leave you with the one that I’ve enjoyed the most.  Also, a hope that the new year brings to each and every one of you the very best of everything.  Happy New Year!

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