Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Tree Tops Aren’t Glistening Yet


I’m dreaming of a white Christmas.  It’s sort of a perpetual dream, and it doesn’t happen all that often around here (statistically, 5% of the time), but the weather gurus say it could happen this year.  Of course, the storm is still days away, so they’re hedging their bets, but it could happen. 

A few years ago, we had the hugest snowstorm I’ve seen in my entire life—the hugest snowstorm a lot of people around here had ever seen in their lives.  When it was all said and done, I think it ended up being just over a foot of snow that fell on Christmas Eve and into the early hours of Christmas day.  Whatever we get this year, it won’t be anything like that, and, honestly, I’m just as glad.  That snow was beautiful, but it was incredibly problematic for an area simply unprepared to handle it.  First of all, it took me seven hours to get home from work on the 24th, a commute of about 50 miles.  Second, it really jacked up the Christmas plans, because folks were snowed in and couldn’t get to where they wanted to be.


 I seem to have misplaced the photos from the December storm, but this was just a few weeks later (we had a rough winter that year), so just imagine another 8 inches of snow or so, and that’s what it looked like Christmas morning!

Still, problematic or not, there just seems to be something magical about snow on Christmas day.  My true ideal would be to wake up to snow already blanketing the ground, and some giant beautiful flakes falling slowly all day long.  I’m pretty sure we’ll never have that, but I’m going to keep dreaming.

Oh, and I’m pretty sure (susceptible as I am to media influence) that the classic holiday song is a big reason I always hope to see snow on Christmas day.  (Well, that, and just about every Christmas movie ever made.)  So, I’ll leave you with my absolute favorite version of the song.  You can listen here, or watch this “video”, which is really just the song overlaid on a beautiful snowy scene. 

Do you get snow for Christmas?  Love it or hate it?

PS:  It’s officially December 22nd here now, so definitely no apocalypse.  Also, Mama M is taking a break from 5QF due to the holiday hubbub, but promises to return next week with more questions, so I’ll pick up then, too.