Sunday, December 30, 2012

Snapshot Sunday #20


Well, a couple of days ago, I was premature in thinking I was in recovery mode, so I’m not going to assume too much just yet.  However, I am hoping to maybe even leave the house tomorrow.  Whoo-hoo!  But for tonight, my only goal is to get my weekly pics posted before I fall asleep, so let’s find out what the prompts are this time around.  And, as I always say, if you’re looking for a simple way to put just a minute or two of creativity into every day, do check out the Photo a Day challenge over at Fat Mum Slim.  I always like to see what’s going on in other people’s lives.

23.  Joy


  Prompt:  Joy.  Having all the gifts wrapped and under the tree with a couple of days to spare!





24.  Tradition- Something You Always Do


  Prompt:  Tradition/Something you always do.  Sit in the dark and listen to Christmas songs on the TV.



25.  Lunchtime


  Prompt:  Lunchtime.  Well, remember when I mentioned that I forgot to take my group picture?  That was supposed to be my lunchtime photo, too.  But I did have one (or maybe two!) of these guys for dessert, so that will have to be close enough.



26.  Mess


  Prompt:  Mess.  Not as festive as all the wrapping paper and boxes and tissue and such, but that was already gathered and disposed of.  But even with my best intentions, there were still dishes some in the sink the next morning.

27.  How You Relax


  Prompt:  How you relax.  Well, this day (and several others), much of my relaxation was really just sleeping, but I did at least have the energy to bundle up in my Snuggie and give a bit of attention to a book I got for Christmas. 







28.  Cold


  Prompt:  Cold.  We were supposed to get blizzard conditions and half a foot of snow on Christmas, which turned in to barely a dusting.  And this morning, we were supposed to get freezing rain, but instead had a couple inches of snow.  But snow is better than ice just about any day of the week, and plenty cold.



29.  Hot


  Prompt:  Hot.  One of Brian’s gifts this year was a Keurig machine, because he really enjoys a nice cup of hot chocolate or tea.  Little did I know I’d be the one putting it to such use so quickly, but soothing hot tea has served me well the past few days. 

Thanks for dropping by for another Snapshot Sunday.  And, if you want to pick up the game in the new year, here’s the January list; click the image for full details.

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