Sunday, October 14, 2012

Snapshot Sunday #10


Before we get to this week’s daily photos, I have some wonderful news.  When I went outside this morning to feed the cats, my presumed-dead mama cat, Sable, was there waiting for me!  I couldn’t believe it!  I was so glad to see her!  Billy was the one who found and buried the poor kitty the other day, and believed it was Sable, so I texted him right away to let him know.  He didn’t believe me.  Even when he got home from work, when I asked if he’d seen her, he said, “No.  I buried Sable the other day.”  I had to go out and find her, and wake her from her afternoon nap, before he would believe she was home.  Of course, it’s still sad that some cat was killed by a passing car, but I am immensely grateful that it wasn’t my cat.  I’ve never been so glad that the boys in my life have such difficulty telling one cat from another.  I will be getting to previous comments soon, but I want to thank everyone who offered such kind thoughts.

And now, for this week’s Snapshot Sunday, with prompts, as always, provided by Chantelle, over at Fat Mum Slim

7.  Light


  Prompt:  Light.  A few of the many lights in my living room.







8.  Angle


  Prompt:  Angle.  This tree trunk is one of my favorite subjects in my neighborhood.









9.  Red


  Prompt:  Red.  Sometimes I cheat a little, and this is one of those times.  I didn’t take this pic on the actual day, but I did take it with this prompt in mind, so I think that should count for something.






10.  Emotion


  Prompt:  Emotion.  In this case, exhaustion and just a touch of frustration.  Why, oh why did I leave two full chapters of reading and assignments until the last week of class?

11.  Something Close Up



  Prompt:  Something Close Up.  Some of the last bit of color remaining in the year.

12.  On the Table


  Prompt:  On the Table.  One of the least used tables in our home.





13. Landscape


  Prompt:  Landscape.  A vista not too far from our house.

And I think that’s it for this week.  No extra photos, because not much has been going on.  Maybe next week; it’s fall break, so I’ve only got class one day.  Maybe something exciting will be going on then.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy week ahead, with lots of photo opportunities.