Friday, October 26, 2012

A Lazy Day 5QF


Man!  I can’t believe it’s Friday already, and I also can’t believe it’s almost 2:00pm, and I’ve done absolutely nothing today.  I mean, nothing.  Not the dishes in the sink, not made a plan for dinner, not started the three (or maybe four) chapters I have to read before 8:00 tomorrow morning, or touched the study guide for an exam next Tuesday.  Heck, I’m not even dressed.  Well, that last part isn’t entirely true; I did pull on a sweatshirt over my pjs.  Of course, none of that sounds quite as bad when you consider that I’ve been out of bed less than two hours, but then you start thinking about the fact that I was in bed until after noon, and suddenly things seem a lot worse.  Maybe we should stop thinking about it.

But we can think about the fact that it’s Friday, which not only means the weekend is near, it also means it’s time for more questions from Mama M.  What do we have in store today?  
five question friday


1. Who wakes up in the morning with the kids, you or hubby?

Well, since my “kid” is 21 now (and still living at home), it’s more a matter of who stays up worrying about him, and that would be me.  I know he’s a grown man and all, but as long as he’s actually living here, I feel better once he’s home for the night.  But, as for the actual question, when he was little, we split the waking up duties just based on whatever was going on for the day. 

2. Do you watch the World Series even if your team isn't in it?

I’ve got latent baseball fan tendencies, so I always watch at least part of most of the games, though I rarely devote myself to a whole game.  I have a dear friend who lives and breathes baseball, specifically SF Giants baseball, so she’s completely in her element right now.  Though I am an American League girl at heart, for her sake, I’m pulling for the NL this year.

3. What is the best compliment you have received?

I don’t know about specifically the very best one ever, but in general, I’m most fond of comments that touch on basic human kindness, since I think that’s the most important trait a person can have.  I know I don’t demonstrate those qualities as much as I could, but I do appreciate when it’s recognized.

4. Do/did you dress up to take your kids trick or treating?

I sort of think one year I might’ve put on a costume to go out, but as a rule, no.  Halloween has never been a huge thing to me, though I do love seeing cute little kids having so much fun.  I wish we lived in a place where kids actually would come to trick-or-treat.  My sister, on the other hand, is all about the holiday.  She recently posted on Facebook looking for ideas on how to customize a mask, so there’s no telling what she’s planning.  It could be a mask for my nephew, but could just as easily be for her.

5. Do you have a favorite bible verse? What is it and why?

Um, no.  I suppose I should feel like something of a heathen for that (and, in truth, every once in a while, I do), but I’ve never been much of a Bible person.  Still, don’t forget about Q3 up there, and the life I’m trying to lead based on basic human kindness.  I’m pretty sure that’s a big part of the story, so I’m hoping God will forgive me for not actually reading it all the way through.


And that’s it for this week.  Now that I’ve got at least one item marked off my to-do list for today, I suppose I ought to think about that homework, or maybe doing the dishes.  But I’m pretty sure I’m still not going to get dressed.

Do feel free to let me know your answers in the comments, and I hope you all have a great weekend.