Monday, October 22, 2012

Snapshot Sunday #11


Cancelled 10-21-12

  A joint post today, with just a few words about television, and then the weekly wrap up of daily pictures.  In terms of TV, as we move later into October, it becomes time for networks to start examining their lineups and giving new shows the go-ahead or quickly pulling the plug on things that just haven’t worked out.

So far, two new shows have already gotten the axe—neither particularly surprising.  The first to go, lasting only two episodes, was Made in Jersey.  It was on my own watch list, so I saw both of the episodes.  I’d say it was . . . okay.  Certainly nothing to write home about, but not the worst I’ve ever seen, either.  But you gotta figure that a Friday night program needs to be a little bit stronger than “okay”. 

Then, a few days ago, NBC announced it was cancelling Animal Practice.  I’ll admit that I have not seen even one of the four or five episodes that have been aired, but the ads alone left me convinced this program would not only not entertain me, but would also not be long for the world.  I’m pretty sure I haven’t missed anything. 

There are a couple of others that I’m watching that I worry may also be facing the chopping block soon.  Partners is fairly amusing, but it’s a little bit over-the-top and often comes across as over-acted and frantic.  On the other hand, Last Resort is well-acted, and has an interesting story line, but I fear it’s already becoming difficult to sustain the necessary balance of intrigue and reality to keep a show like this going.  There are only so many times a a nuclear submarine and crew can realistically be threatened, a crew can question/disobey commanding officers and still be welcomed back into the fold, or the heroic and/or mutinous captain can save the day with an impassioned speech.  Combine a difficult-to-sustain story line with some low ratings, and I’d say the sub’s days may be numbered.  That’s sort of sad to me; I’d at least like to give it a chance to dig a really deep hole, but it might not work out that way.

And, lastly, while it’s not precisely a cancellation, it’s been announced that Private Practice will leave the air after thirteen episodes this season.  Star Kate Walsh was ready to move on, and the decision has been made not to continue without her.  I never watched the show with any regularity, but when I did, I found it to be decent, with some interesting characters.  I’m sure there are many fans who will be upset by the decision. 

So that’s all I know about fall cancellations at this point; let’s move on to Snapshot Sunday, shall we?

As always, the photos are inspired by prompts from Chantelle and her Photo a Day challenge over at Fat Mum Slim.

14.  Makes You Laugh Prompt: Makes You Laugh.  This picture makes me laugh. I was playing with the new panorama feature on my phone, and didn’t follow instructions and hold it steady. And, Brian walked through the photo, turning him into some sort of half-invisible man.  All in all, funny results.

15.  Dinnertime


  Prompt:  Dinnertime.  When the timer pops up, it’s time to eat!






16.  Something You Wrote


  Prompt:  Something You Wrote.  My most recent blog post.  Well, you know, most recent then.

17.  Fruit



  Prompt:  Fruit.  Some melons at the grocery store.  I really wanted to buy some, but it’s so late in the year, I was afraid they’d be nasty.

18.  Made You Smile Today


  Prompt:  Made You Smile Today.  My silly cats often drink from the birdbath, though I’d think their own water bowl would be much more convenient for them.  But they don’t usually do it by standing completely on top of it.  Mel must’ve been feeling adventurous today.  Also, as an aside, I’m pretty sure this is part of why I don’t get so many birds anymore.









19.  Letters

  Prompt:  Letters.  My least favorite pic of the week; this is in a dark hallway, and I don’t seem to have the skills necessary to light it properly.


20.  4 O'Clock


  Prompt:  4 O’Clock.  Okay, clearly this isn’t really a photograph.  But, each time that 4:00 rolled around on Saturday, I was sound asleep, so I cheated a little!

And that’s it for this week.  Chantelle has just posted the prompt list for November (I haven’t even looked at it yet, but I saw that it was there), so if you want to join in next month, go get the list and start getting ready.

Until next time, happy picturing.  Oh, and happy TV watching, too!

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