Thursday, October 18, 2012

Simple Pleasures



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Today is fall break at my school, so I’ve got a rare Thursday evening at home.  That means I’ve got the equally-rare opportunity to watch some of my favorite shows in real-time, rather than waiting until hours/days/weeks later to see them.

Brian actually prefers to watch programs on the DVR, so he can skip through the commercials, but I’d much rather watch during the “live” broadcast. Besides, commercials don’t really bother me; in fact, some of them I really sort of like.  I’m pretty sure we’ll talk more about that before the month is over.

But, for tonight, it’s the simple pleasure of tuning in during first-run broadcast time, knowing I can check social media and not have to worry about spoilers, and just spending a few hours with some interesting characters.  

On tonight’s agenda:

Big Bang Theory
Two and a Half Men
Grey’s Anatomy

  *Due to scheduling conflicts, Last Resort and Person of Interest will both be tape delayed.



What are you doing this evening?


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