Friday, October 26, 2012

And Now a Word From Our Sponsors

I have a confession to make:  I don’t hate commercials.  In fact, I really like a lot of them.  Not all of them, of course.  Screaming car salesmen?  Yuck.  Ads with loud, obnoxious music, lots of flashing images, and you’re not even sure what’s being advertise?  Nope.  Trendy, seductive fragrance commercials?  Not so much.  All of those things leave me cold. 

But, give me an ad that makes me feel good, has a peppy (but not overwhelming) tune, or just plain makes me smile and I’ll watch that every time.  In fact, it makes my husband a little crazy, because even when I’m watching stuff on the DVR, it’s not unusual for me to watch commercials.  I’m weird that way.

So, tonight, I thought I’d share with you a few of my favorites, and maybe you can be weird like me and watch commercials just for the sheer joy of it.  (And you know it has to be just for the joy of it, because most of these advertisers will never see a dime from me, though I do love their work!)

  I’m a big fan of the Budweiser horses in general, and this is one of my favorites.


I’ve been enjoying commercials a long time, and in terms of a feel good ad, this one is the real thing.


  This one’s pretty recent, but it’s already a classic.



My favorite soft drink combined with adorable animated bears—what more could you want?  This is the first of the Coca Cola polar bear ads, and I’ve enjoyed every one that’s followed since.

  Those of you not from Oklahoma have likely never seen this commercial or heard this jingle, but it’s a holiday tradition in these parts.  You can visit the official jingle page to learn all about the history of the ad, and you can watch Megan Mullally sing it to Jay Leno.  I have to say though that I’ve never liked the way she describes my favorite jingle ever, and she does get the words just a tiny bit wrong, but at least she’s representing!



And, it’s a hat trick for Coca Cola, checking in with what is quite possibly the Best.Commercial.Ever.

What about you?  Got any commercial favorites?

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