Monday, October 8, 2012

Snapshot Sunday #9


I’m running a little behind this week, which means today’s Snapshot Sunday is really more like a Montage Monday, but pretend with me, won’t you?  Anyway, this week’s photo challenge pictures will wrap up the September challenge, and get us started into October, so let’s see what’s in store.

25.  Frame


  Prompt:  Frame.  I mentioned once before that one of the few things I actually stockpile around my house is picture frames.  This is a few of the ones just waiting for a picture.  (This is the missing pic from last week.)





30.  You Then


  Prompt:  You, Then.  The final September entry.  I’m not sure, but I’d guess this is maybe 8th grade.  That is a stylish collar, right?






1.  Where You Stood


  Prompt:  Where You Stood.  To be truthful, I’m not sure what body of water this is, but it’s in Branson, MO.  I think Table Rock Lake, but I just wanted to go see the water, so I didn’t pay that much attention to the signage of where we actually ended up.  We were right next to the dam, so I suppose we could’ve been on the river side of things (especially given that there’s a river boat out in the distance of this picture!), but I sort of think it was the lake.

2.  Lunchtime


  Prompt:  Lunchtime.  There is no meal that’s wrong for cereal, as far as I’m concerned, and if it’s Frosted Flakes, better yet.






3.  This Happened Today


  Prompt:  This Happened Today.  I made dinner!  What with Granny being sick and then me being out of town, I’m pretty sure it had been two full weeks since I’d cooked.  And, truthfully, I think we might’ve had pork chops back then, too, but it was long enough ago nobody could remember.  Brian was just glad to have some home cooking!




4.  What You Read


  Prompt:  What You Read.  The bylaws of the Rose State College chapter of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.  I joined up for a little social and networking interaction at school.  They needed officers, so I am now the PR/Media go-to person.





5.  Shadow


  Prompt:  Shadow.  I usually turn on lights in every room I enter as I’m walking through the house, including the hallway.  Now you can see why: pretty creepy.






6.  I'm Thankful For


  Prompt:  I’m Thankful For . . .  Brian.  For a lot of reasons, but today marked the second weekend he’d been over at Granny’s house taking care of some chores, even though I couldn’t be there.  Today it was mowing the lawn; last week it was repairing some plumbing.  I’m grateful he is both able and willing to do those things for her.




There wasn’t much going on this past week, mostly just getting back into the swing of things after last weekends getaway.  I don’t think I took a single picture except for the daily photo prompts.  But I do have a few pics from my weekend in Branson.

IMG_1596[1]                  IMG_1594[1]                   IMG_1600[1]
The first stop (after our hotel) was the Sight and Sound Theatre, where we were seeing a production of Joseph.  When Kim found the show, she originally thought it was actually Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, which is why she wanted this to be my birthday present, since we’re both fans, after seeing a college production way back in the day.  We realized a day or two before we left that it was really a completely original telling of the story, but who’s going to complain about an evening of musical theater anyway?  We both agreed that the composer and lyricist of this show are no Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice, but there were live animals which was neat.  Except for the rat; Kim wasn’t too thrilled with the idea of a rat being even a little bit loose in the same room as she was.


We stopped at a scenic overlook and I snapped a few pictures of the countryside. Our hotel and the Joseph theater are both in this photo, way off in the distance. 



  One day we saw a few of these things flying through the air.  I don’t know what they’re called, and I’d never want to ride one, but it was kind of cool.

In the totally random department, we saw this giant bust of President Kennedy next to a gas station.DSC03689  Later, we saw one of President Reagan, too, next to a gift shop, if I recall.  When I got home, I tried to find out what the significance is, but I didn’t find an answer.  Although there is also apparently a Roosevelt somewhere that we didn’t run across.

And, one of my favorite stops, we visited the Butterfly Palace, and saw lots of gorgeous butterflies. 

DSC03696                              DSC03832



DSC03828   When she was getting dressed that morning, Kim laughingly said the butterflies would like that she was all bright and colorful like a flower; little did she know how right she’d be.  Those white ones really liked her shirt.  As you may can tell from the expression, however, she was not as thrilled with them as they were with her.




Even as long as Kim and I have been friends, I bet there are fewer than a dozen photos of us together, mainly because neither of us are all that thrilled with having our pictures taken.  I told her I one of my goals for the weekend was to remedy that situation.  Sadly, except for maybe a goofy phone pic or two, this is the only one we got.  But it’s a start.



  Oh, I almost forgot about this one, though I don’t think it counts.  At the butterfly place, there was a mirror maze, which took us longer to get out of than you’d think it would.  It amused me, Kim not so much.  But I did snap a pic of us in the murky darkness.

We went to a shopping center that was on a river—White River, I think.  You know I had to take at least a couple of pics there, too, including this one.


We had a really fun time in Branson, and I’m already ready for another girls getaway!

Wishing you all a happy and healthy week ahead.