Monday, October 1, 2012

Snapshot Sunday #8


Welcome to another Sunday.  I’m sort of sad that it’s here, because that means my vacation has drawn to a close.  Kim and I will be heading home tomorrow, though we may take a bit of time to make another couple of short stops before leaving Branson.

But, before all of that, it’s time to get to this week’s Snapshot Sunday.  I’ve taken a bunch of pictures this weekend, but I haven’t reviewed any of them, so this week’s installment will be only the daily pictures from Chantelle’s Photo a Day challenge.  Also, tomorrow begins the month of October, so if you want to play along, check out the challenge over at Fat Mum Slim

23.  Before Bedtime


  Prompt:  Before bedtime.  One of the very last things I usually do before bed is publish my daily blog post.



24.  3 Things


  Prompt:  3 things.  Three of my kittens having breakfast.  Cuties.





Confused smile                                                        Prompt:  Frame  Realize as I was putting this together, this photo must be on
                                                                  my other computer, because I don’t have it here with me at the hotel.  Bummer.

26.  Near



  Prompt:  Near.  As near as possible to a butterfly. 




27.  Love Hate


  Prompt:  Love/Hate.  Using the rain for today’s subject matter.  We’ve been pretty dry this year, so I love that we’re starting to get some more rain, but I hate it when I have to be out and about in it, like I was that day.



28.  A Good Thing



  Prompt:  A Good Thing.  This is Kim’s guest room.  It used to be her son’s (Nathan) room, before he tragically passed away five years ago.  Nathan adored Christmas and Santa, and had his room decorated in a holiday motif.  When she recently remodeled it, she left one part of the holiday border that had been there with Nathan, and I think that’s a very good thing.






29.  Errand


  Prompt:  Errand.  Um, this is vacation, so there were no errands in the normal sense to be accomplished today.  Kim and I spent a great deal of the day at an outlet mall, so the closest we got to running an errand was finding ourselves a cold drink to take a break from the hard work of shopping.

And that’s (most of) this past week’s daily photos.  Next Sunday will wrap up September and take us through the first few days of October, and likely have some of the photos from our Branson getaway. 

If you’ve been thinking about jumping in to the challenge, this new month would be the perfect time, so go ahead and check it out, and let’s see your take on the daily prompts, too.

I hope you all have a happy and successful week to come.