Sunday, February 9, 2014

Snapshot Sunday, February 9


I’m not sharing any of my photos this week, and I started to tell you that it’s because I haven’t taken any pictures this week, though now that I think about it, that’s not entirely true.  I did stop at a spot on the lake this week, to snap a few photos of the frozen water in the morning.  It looked cool as I was driving by, though as I was taking the pictures, I didn’t have the feeling they were capturing the mood very well.  In fact, I haven’t even looked at them on anything bigger than the view screen yet.

But, I was browsing around the web recently, and came across a couple of sites about taking pictures with the ever-present cell phone.  I was pleased to discover that some professional photographers are starting to recognize the art behind taking pics with your phone, and giving some ideas about how to do it.

For instance, this photo came from a National Geographic photographer, captured with his iPhone.  You can read his thoughts and tips here.

Photo: A picnic table reflected in water

And this one from a photojournalist who’s covered the Middle East extensively; you can watch a presentation about how he transitioned into using his phone here. (Though a bit of a warning that he’s a better photographer than presenter; can’t have it all.)

















Anyway, while I have no delusions that any of my photos will ever be gracing national publications—regardless of the camera I use—I do like to see cell phone photography coming out of the shadows of being known only for selfies and whatever entrée someone is having for lunch.