Sunday, February 2, 2014

Snapshot Sunday, February 2


I don’t pretend to understand everything (or much of anything, really) about global warming.  Honestly, it’s over my head in a lot of ways.  But I will say this:  I think we’ve had more snow in the past five years or so than we’ve had in my entire life.  Cumulatively.  Maybe it’s coincidence.  Maybe it’s a faulty memory.  Or maybe it’s any number of things other than climate change.  But we’ve still been getting a lot of snow.  Not compared to a lot of other places, mind you, only compared to ourselves.  But I do like to snap some photos when it happens.




And, this is the first of three winter storms we’re expecting this week, and maybe a fourth when next weekend rolls around.  We’re not alone, of course and actually are in much better shape than a lot of the country.  So, everyone do your best to stay warm in this weather, and always stay safe.