Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday Malady


We’ve discussed my feelings about Mondays before.  And, try as I might to put a positive spin on them and consciously force myself to believe that they’re just another day, they still seem to wear me down.  Actually, though, for an office Monday, today wasn’t too bad.  Just normal work and keeping busy all day long, which is really my preference.

No, that bad part about today is that this crud I’ve been fighting finally reared its ugly head yesterday, then really kicked it into high gear today.  I went through just about an entire box of Kleenex, and only have a clown nose to show for it.  Can’t breathe, and can’t stop my head from feeling like it’s going to explode.  After being stuck in traffic for over forty-five minutes on my way home and then feeling more exhausted than seemed normal, I decided I should go ahead and stop by the after-hours clinic.

The good news is there’s no flu or strep; the bad news is it’s a random upper respiratory infection—thus the extreme difficulty breathing.  Doc said I’d be doing folks a favor to stay away from them tomorrow and give the antibiotics a chance to render me harmless, so the best thing to come out of today is that I’ve already notified the office I won’t be in tomorrow.  A sick day isn’t exactly a ton of fun, but I’m here to tell you that right about now, staying in bed for at least twelve or fifteen hours straight sounds like just what the doctor ordered.

I think I’ll go start working on getting that particular prescription filled right now, and go ahead and put this Monday to bed.