Saturday, February 1, 2014

Feel Good Facebook Friday


I probably should be embarrassed by the fact that a fifty year old woman such as myself plays some of those silly games over on Facebook.  Or maybe I should just be embarrassed to admit that a woman of my age actually gets on Facebook regularly.  But, truth is truth, so I’ll just own the fact that I waste more time on that particular social media site than any grown woman probably should.

In addition to browsing through my newsfeed and looking at people’s photos, sometimes I like to take those personality quizzes everyone’s always posting.  Of course, they’re pretty simplistic, hardly deep, scientific tools.  And sometimes, you have to wonder about the accuracy of the results when you can tell from each individual answer what the final selection will be.  For example: “Which Big Bang Theory Character Are You?”  I try not to let the fact that I can recognize each character in their particular answer, but who knows what really influences an answer choice? 

But sometimes the final choice has a broader range of options, so you don’t even really know what all is up for grabs, much less what your final answer will be.  Those kind are a little more fun, even though you really still can’t put too much stock in them.  

Still, regardless of how accurate they may or may not be, they’re still kind of fun, and it was precisely one such quiz that led to today’s post, because it did make me feel good.  Because you see, today I took a quiz for “What Career Should You Actually Have?”  And, scientific or not, here was my result:


Here’s hoping this is one Fecebook quiz that gets it right!