Monday, February 24, 2014

At the Office


So, I ran across this prompt recently that said, “Write about your company”, and instructed that it be done in 100 words or less.  hmm.  I can probably make that work, even though I had sort of a crappy day today courtesy of my company.  I’m not sure if that makes the assignment harder or easier, but we’ll see . . .

My office is a downtown law firm, but don’t think of fancy offices in skyscrapers, filled with dozens of important people in power suits going about their important tasks. 

We’re a small firm—less than fifteen people total—in a a non-descript, one-story building.  And power suits?  Only on rare court days; you’re more likely to find us in jeans and sneakers.

We work hard, we get along (mostly), and we do our best for our clients.  We’re not like the fancy law firms you see on TV, but I think we are doing exactly what legal folks should be doing.