Friday, February 7, 2014

Feel Good Friday, February 7


Man, I’m glad this week is drawing to a close.  I have class tomorrow, so I can’t say it’s officially over yet, but I know I’m officially over it. 

But, even after an incredibly hectic and stressful day at the office today, I had a feel good moment for myself, in the form of a nice piece of mail waiting for me at home.


I know I officially graduated almost two moths ago, and there was definitely a strong sense of relief then.  But, it’s still nice to finally have the hard-copy representation of the work.  I think I’ll have to take it—and my other one—and have them framed somewhere and hang in my office.  That will be another feel good moment.

Then, on a less personal note, I want to share with you a video that will surely bring a smile.  It’s two life-long friends—they’re a hundred years old, so “life-long” for them is a really long time. 

Anyway, they’re cute, and funny, and they either make you glad you’ve got a friend like this one or wish that you did.  Enjoy.