Monday, March 11, 2013

Snapshot Sunday, March 10


Well, I survived my weekend away.  And while I can’t report that it was a particularly productive weekend, I can say that we had some fun, and that’s always worthwhile.  Still, even after only a couple of days away, it will be good to sleep in my own bed again—which I’m looking forward to very soon. 

One of the other girls and I did go ahead and opt out of the group sleep and we got our own room for the weekend; much more comfortable with only one to a bed.  Though, we’re traveling again in a few weeks, and this time it’s to an expensive hotel, so we won’t be able to do that.  Guess I better get used to sleeping in a tiny space!

Anyway, we kept pretty busy, listening to some speakers, meeting fellow Kappans, electing regional officers—you know, the stuff organizations do when they gather.  There was also an awards portion of the evening, and our chapter was proud to bring home one trophy last night.  Go Alpha Eta Alpha!

Which brings us to today.  I hate to admit it, but I’ve abandoned the daily photo challenge, at least for the time being.  In a month or two I may feel like giving it another go, but not this month.  My philosophy is that things that are supposed to be fun should never feel like work, so I let it go for now.

So tonight I’ll share a small collage of a few of the pictures from the weekend. A couple of group photos from our convention—including one with our entire group along with the Executive Director of Phi Theta Kappa, Dr. Rod Risley.  He seemed like a nice enough guy, and all the old timers seemed to think it was a really big deal to have him at a regional gathering, especially such a small region as ours. 

We also visited an art museum over the weekend, Crystal Bridges.  One of our advisors is an art professor, and the other is a humanities professor, so they were thrilled with the opportunity.  I wouldn’t really label myself an art fan, so I can get bored pretty easily just looking at things on the wall, and it was too cold and rainy to go outside and walk along what seem to be lovely paths on their grounds.  So, the first day, I kind of lost interest, though there were certainly some pieces I enjoyed.  Today, though, we toured through the Norman Rockwell exhibit they have on display, and I really enjoyed that.  Maybe that’s the ticket to art for me: I like it to look like life that I can recognize.  Old and stuffy formal paintings can be beautiful, but I don’t connect with them.  Abstract art is mostly just weird to me.  And a lot of sculptures just look unnatural.  But Rockwell’s stuff just looks like people, doing the things that people do.  I’m good with that.  So, we spent a few hours there this morning before coming home.  They had a really nice audio tour on iPhones to go through the collection; I wish I could buy the app, because I enjoyed hearing all the stories and such.  Sadly, no photography allowed, but I’ve got my memories.

PTK Regionals 3-10-13


And now, I must off to bed.  The separate room did mostly accomplish my primary purpose of staying caught up on my schoolwork, but the wifi went out last night, so one online assignment could not be undertaken.  So, that’s first on tomorrow’s agenda, and then studying for a mid-term tomorrow night.  Plus, like many folks, I need to make up for that hour of sleep I lost out on last night.

Sweet dreams and pleasant Mondays to you all.