Monday, March 4, 2013

School Daze, Part 2


Sometimes things don’t run smoothly. 

We had a PTK meeting today—a new member orientation.  Let me just say that this is not the most organized group I’ve ever been involved with, and today was no exception.  Let’s just say that I’m not sure our new members were all that impressed.  And I went to school 4.5 hours early to be part of it.

I mentioned yesterday that we—PTK, that is—are taking a trip this weekend; we’re going to a regionaloverwhelmed 3-4-13 meeting in Arkansas.  Well, we found out today that one of our members had a death in the family, so will not be traveling with us.  Consequently, it’s been decided that the remaining four officers can share a single hotel room, unless we’d like to cough up the cash ourselves for a second room.  hmmm.  I knew we were sharing, but four to a room seems a bit extreme to me.  Though I’m sure that’s just the old woman in me coming out; the youngsters I’m traveling with seem excited about the idea of some sort of out-of-state slumber party.  My problem?  I mean, besides sharing a bed with someone I barely know?  I will have homework to do, and I’m not certain four females jammed into one small room with only a few hours of down time is very conducive to studying.  This is an honor society outing; you’d think I wouldn’t be the only one worried about my school work, but it seems that perhaps I am.  I’m seriously considering shelling out the cash.  But if I do, I’ll be kind enough to rescue one of the other girls from the shared room so everyone can have their own bed.

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For the first time since I started school, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed by the workload.  I’ve got an exam tomorrow afternoon that I’m not entirely prepared for, an assignment due tomorrow night which is straining my brain to piece together, and another lengthy assignment due Thursday which I’ve barely even looked at.  This is not counting the chapters to read, or preparing another assignment due next Tuesday, or studying for two mid-terms coming up next week.  I guess I should be glad it’s taken six months to hit panic mode, but is it any wonder I’ve got to find a way to squeeze some homework into the weekend?

On the other hand, it’s not all bad.  One of my classmates stopped me in the parking lot today to ask if I was working, and, if not, if I was looking for a job.  Seems he’s been working at a law firm for a couple of years now and just got promoted to the office manager, leaving his legal assistant job open.  His supervising attorney told him to recommend someone from school and she’d be glad to consider them before posting the job.  He said he thought of me because I usually seem to have a pretty good idea of what’s what.  It’s entirely likely nothing will come of it, but it still made me feel good to be considered, especially on a day when I was very much feeling like “what’s what” is a grand mystery, especially to me.

And, now, if you’ll excuse me, I have an exam to study for.