Friday, March 22, 2013

First Five Questions of Spring


Well, my spring break is dwindling away, and I haven’t gotten even a fraction of things done from my to-do list.  I guess I’ll have a busy weekend.  I did finally do my taxes today, though, so that’s one less thing to worry about.  Tomorrow (or maybe even tonight, if I don’t crash out too early) I’ll tackle a bit of homework.

For now, though, let’s see what’s happening with Five Question Friday.

five question friday

1. What advice would you give a newly married couple?

I think I might’ve answered this question—or something similar—once before, so I hope I don’t contradict myself too much.  But, one of the things I think I’d say is that it’s okay if it seems like married life is an adjustment.  Assuming that you weren’t living together beforehand, just getting used to being around someone so much takes some getting used to, no matter how well you know them.  There are a lot of little daily things to work out; getting along with someone for the rest of your life doesn’t just happen magically.  But it’s worth the effort.

2. Who does more laundry around your house?

Brian does the vast majority of the washing and drying, but I end up with most of the putting away.  Though, to be truthful, quite often the clean clothes sit in a pile or basket longer than the dirty.

3. What items, if any, do you prefer to buy organic or make yourself?

I’ve got nothing against organic anything, but I guess I’m too much a product of the convenience generation, because I won’t go out of my way to find anything organic.  Billy occasionally goes out and buys his own groceries, and when he does, he prefers to shop at the natural food store, but I notice he doesn’t turn down the less-clean, free food I serve him.  I suppose that might make me not a very good mother, but I think I’m too old to change too many of my ways.

4. What book/TV series would you recommend for a friend on bedrest?

Well, obviously that would depend on the friend, though I’d say if you’re going to be laid up for a while, you couldn’t go too wrong with working your way through the Harry Potter books.  If you’d rather watch TV, there are plenty of shows that I think make for good marathon viewing, but to keep the list short, I’d select just one drama and one comedy: The West Wing and The Big Bang Theory

5. So, they say it's Spring now...what does your "spring" look like at this very moment?

Well, at this literal moment, it’s night time, so it looks black.  But today, it was mostly sunshiny, but cool.  And this weekend is supposed to be dreary and cold.  They say we might even see some snowflakes.  I’m pretty sure the Pennsylvania rodent missed the mark this time around.  Still, a week ago we had some lovely spring days.  The early spring trees in the area have bloomed and are making things look more lively, even when the temperatures have dropped again.  My guess is that’s not actually so good for the trees, but I like to see the flowers; it reminds me that the for-real spring can’t be too far away.


And that’s another wrap.  Link up with Mama M to share your own answers, or tell me all about it in the comments.  And have a wonderful first weekend of spring, whatever your weather may be.