Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Weight Loss Wednesday, January 22


Short, sweet, and to the point tonight since I’m pretty darn tired and need to hit the sack.

Back to pre-vacation weight!  Now just to keep it moving in the right direction. 

This week I also started back on a calorie shifting meal plan.  Basically the idea is to have calorie amounts sort of rotate throughout the week—big day, small day, big day—to sort of keep your metabolism jumping, or something along those lines.  I like this particular plan because all I have to do is check off some foods from a list of choices and then it generates an eleven day menu plan for me, easy-peasy.  Oh, and I like this plan because you don’t have to count calories at all, you just let the food choices do the work for you.  You can eat as much of the food as you want until you’re full (not stuffed) and it’s fine.  And, lastly, I like the plan because it’s eleven days on, three days off.  After you complete your eleven days of your menu, you can eat whatever you want—and still however much you want—for three days, and then start another eleven day menu.

I did this particular diet the last time I lost weight successfully; it’s one of the few that I can stick with—no weird foods and no hoops to jump through, just the way I like it.  Plus, you get that spectacular “cheat” window every other weekend, so it makes the eleven stricter days much easier to get through.  So, since I know it works, I might as well jump on the wagon again.

So, that’s where I stand; hoping to continue the success of the first few days, and have more loss to report next Wednesday.





45 mins treadmill, 3.22 miles; 1 mile walk w/Leslie Sansone









3 mile walk w/Leslie Sansone