Sunday, January 5, 2014

Snapshot Sunday, January 5


First, I have to say that I’m disappointed that a lack of Internet connection prevented me from posting yesterday.  My daily posting streak wasn’t really all that long, but I was hoping to keep it going a while longer.  Fingers crossed the one I begin today will continue uninterrupted until I’m ready to give it a break.

Second, today’s photos come to you from a nice little stop in a place called Webster, TX, the Armand Bayou Nature Center.  Neither photo is spectacular, but I like the first one, because the seeing the deer in the picture is sort of like a game of Where’s Waldo?, and the second one because I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pelican in the wild before.    I like to see creatures in the wild; it’s one of the best parts of being outside.  And, one of the best reasons to take pictures.