Friday, January 17, 2014

Feel Good Friday, January 17


The first feel-good moment today (sort of) was completing my paralegal certification tests.  I have to wait until March for results, and I’m fairly certain I will have to retake at least one section of the exam, but it’s a huge relief to have it over with even if it’s only for the moment.

But, other than that, the story to share with you today might seem a strange candidate for Feel Good Friday, because it begins with an attempted suicide, but it was an aborted attempt, and it seems to be a story worth sharing.

It seems that six years ago, a despondent, ill young man was standing on the wrong side of a bridge railing, and just about ready to take a plunge when a total stranger can by and talked him back to safety.  Now that young man has not only gotten help, but has gone on to give help to others, and he’d like to find the stranger who saved him and made it all possible.

Jonny Benjamin was the young man, though he’s not certain about the stranger’s name.  maybe it’s Mike, but Jonny understandably had a lot on his mind in their moment of contact, and he may not be remembering it correctly.  Not only does it seem like it would be a really cool thing to put the man together with his savior, but I love the fact that there was a stranger willing to notice someone in need and actually do something about it.  We all like to think that we’d do the right thing in such pivotal life moments, but I can admit that I’m not confident I wouldn’t be too wrapped up in my own self to even recognize that a pivotal moment was at hand. 

So, congratulations to the stranger who made such a difference six years ago, and good luck to Jonny Benjamin in his search.  Maybe if enough of us tell the story, the two will be reunited.