Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Note to A&E


Save The Glades on A&E

   Only a few short months ago, I was telling you about The Glades and how much I enjoy it as perfect summertime viewing.  And only a few months before that, I mentioned that I’m not typically a fan of a season-ending cliffhanger.

  But over the weekend, I had a chance to get caught up on some of my DVR stockpile, including the last month or so of The Glades that I hadn’t yet seen, including the season finale.  And I have to say, though it ended with a cliffhanger, I didn’t get that normal feeling of annoyance that usually comes along, because I was totally unprepared for the cliffhanger we got.  Seriously, I gasped.  Now, let’s be honest: it was a season finale and the main characters were getting married; anyone who really thought everything would go off without a hitch hasn’t been watching enough television.  I know the score.  There was going to be trouble in paradise, and we were destined not to see a blushing bride walk down the aisle just yet.  But, the trouble I envisioned most certainly was not the trouble we got.  I was impressed.  As much as I truly love TV, it doesn’t surprise me much, so when it does, I hold those moments in a special place in my heart.   I’ll even forgive the cliffhanger; it was that good.

But I quit singing their praises today when I found out that A&E has cancelled the program.  WHAT?  First of all, I thought the show was getting pretty solid ratings.  I mean, not like blockbuster numbers or anything, but I thought it held its own.  Besides, it’s a really good show.  And have you looked at some of the other stuff that’s available on the network?  Trust me, The Glades really shines. 

But even if you’re not going to renew a show for a full season, and even if you can’t make that decision before airing a such a non-resolved episode, as a  network, you still have a responsibility to get your fans what they want.  And, in this case, what the fans want is not to leave poor Jim in his current predicament for all of eternity; we want at least a conclusion.  In a perfect world, A&E would change their mind and the show would come back for season five, but at the very least, they need to authorize a movie or a few episodes or something, that not only resolves the cliffhanger, but adequately wraps up the show as a whole. 

And I’m not alone; browse around the web and you’ll see that there a quite a few folks who are equally disappointed/frustrated/shocked that A&E would cancel a show on such a note.  There’s even been a petition started to bring it back to the air.  I don’t sign a lot of internet petitions, but I signed this one.   As spectacular as that cliffhanger was, it certainly is not the way I want to remember the show; I do not want to be left wondering.  Please, A&E, do the right thing.