Sunday, November 18, 2012

Snapshot Sunday #15


Happy Sunday, everyone!  We didn’t make it to the movie today, so I guess Mr. Lincoln will have to wait until next weekend.  Instead, we spent much longer than I anticipated getting the kitchen ready for our new cooktop.  The existing cutout was just a couple of inches too small, so we (read: Brian) had to modify it a bit.  The actual tile and wood cutting didn’t take all that long, but, if you’ve never used a circular saw to cut through kitchen countertops in your home, trust me when I say it makes a really big mess.  I think I’ll be wiping that fine dust off of things forever.  But, the new cooktop is supposed to be here Tuesday, which means I’ll get to use it for Thanksgiving, so I’m excited!  Incidentally, that also means alternate cooking methods until then, so we grilled tonight and I’m planning crockpot pork ribs tomorrow night, so we should be covered.

But, enough of that, let’s see what this week’s photo challenge turned up.  Check out Chantelle over at Fat Mum Slim to see the prompts and play along.

11.  Night


  Prompt:  Night.  My house, barely lit by the porchlights.




12.  Drink


  Prompt: Drink.  Chocolate milk in a color-changing glass.







13.  Where You Slept


  Prompt:  Where you slept.  A quick rest while we were out running errands all afternoon.








14.  Man Made


 Prompt:  Man made.  I don’t really know what this is supposed to be; it’s something artsy they constructed over a new highway.  It probably has a name, but I don’t know it.  I do know it lights up at night and looks like some sort of glowing alien ship, but during the daylight hours, it’s not nearly as cool.









15.  In Your Bag


  Prompt:  In your bag.  My school bag.  It’s solid black on the outside, but I like that it’s so colorful on the inside.









16.  The View From Your Window


  Prompt:  The view from your window.  This isn’t all that exciting; it’s the truck of the water well repairman who had to come out to fix a leak.  Even less exciting, while everything seemed fine after he left Friday, when I got home from school yesterday, our water had become brownish.  We’ve got another call in to them, but it’ll be tomorrow before they call back.  I hope they can come out soon, though we’ve stocked up on some bottled water, just in case.






17.  The Last Thing You Bought


  Prompt:  The last thing you bought.  Well, you have probably guessed that I did not win the lottery last night since you’ve read this far without hearing anything about it.  On the other hand, neither did anyone else, so I can try again Wednesday! 

And, just a few random shots  . . .  a pretty sky one evening at school, the latest batch of kitties (we need to find a home for them, if anyone’s looking for a cat in the next couple of months), and our cat Mel snuggling up in leaves. 















And that’s the pictures for this week.  I hope you’ve all had a good weekend and have a great week ahead.