Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Holiday To-Do List


to do list 11-21-12


  Like most people, as the holidays roll around I find that I have an awful lot of things to do.  For Thanksgiving, we’ll be having the whole family gathering on Friday night, since Thursday has some conflict with work schedules.  So, tomorrow, it’ll just be the three of us, but I’m still cooking a turkey because, it is Thanksgiving.  But everything else is pretty much pre-packaged: frozen potatoes, gravy from a jar, frozen veggies.  Then I’ll make another bird on Friday, with some actual potatoes and gravy, but others will be bringing the other side dishes. 

  So, the cooking part isn’t too drastic, but I’ve still got cleaning to do, which is really a much less pleasant task.  Then, of course, the holiday shopping will begin in earnest.  Thankfully, I’ve already purchased a few gifts, so I haven’t put everything off until the very last minute.

And during all this holiday stuff, the school semester is also wrapping up, and I’ve got a research paper to do that’ll take quite a bit of time.  But, only two more exams, and one is open-book, so that shouldn’t be too much of a problem. 

Oh, and today, my laptop charger fried itself, so finding a replacement—ASAP—has been added to the list as a last minute item.  Even as I type this, I’m down to my last 26 minutes of power.  So sad.  Thank goodness I have other ways of computing, even if they aren’t as convenient, because I’m really not interested in braving the Black Friday (or even Thursday) crowds.

On the upside, we got our new cooktop installed today, so that’s one item marked off the list.  Oh, and I got my new pots and pans (because we bought an induction cooktop and most of my old ones weren’t magnetic) all washed and put away and ready to go, so technically that’s two check marks.  Yay me. 

So I guess it’s mostly just the regular stuff:  cook, clean, entertain the family, and sit back and enjoy.  Really, that’s the kind of task list I could get used to.

What’s your to-do list look like?