Monday, November 12, 2012

Snapshot Sunday #14


Happy Sunday, everyone, and happy Veterans’ Day.  Brian is a Veterans’ Day baby, though they called it Armistice Day back then.  He says when he was born, people suggested his parents call him Armi.  Personally, I’m glad they opted against that, as I’m somewhat opposed to weirdo names.  Plus, I think that might’ve made it difficult for him to sign up with the Navy when that time came.  So I say happy birthday to him, and send a big shout of gratitude to the veterans everywhere.

In addition to Veterans’ Day, it’s also Snapshot Sunday.  Not as critical, of course, but it’s here just the same, so let’s get going.  As always, photo prompts provided by Chantelle at Fat Mum Slim.

4.  TV


  Prompt:  TV.  Well, we all know how much I love TV, so I wasn’t too sorry to see such a prompt.  In this case, my Netflix queue on my newfangled television set.

5.  5 O'Clock


  Prompt:  5 O’Clock.  Just finishing up some grocery shopping at wally world.








6.  A Favorite Thing


  Prompt:  A favorite thing.  This could easily have gone into the “can’t live without” day, as I can’t imagine making do without my laptop.








7.  Reflection


  Prompt:  Reflection.  For the record, I was making a turn, so I was all but stopped when I quickly snapped this picture.






8.  Something You Do Every Day


  Prompt:  Something you do every day.  Well, duh.  Every day I check the photo prompt list on my computer (and/or on my phone) to see what I’m supposed to be shooting that day.





9.  Small


  Prompt:  Small.  Friday night before seeing Skyfall.  But at the concession stand, small sizes do not equal small prices.




10.  Can't Live Without


  Prompt:  Something you can’t live without.  My goofy, laughing times with Brian.











And, yesterday I posted a collage from my first time playing along with Ten on Ten, where the idea is to shoot 10 photos in 10 consecutive hours on the 10th of the month.   Well, I cheated a bit on the consecutive part, but it was ten photos throughout the course of the day.  I thought I’d post it here again today and at least identify the pictures.

November 10 on 10

  1. The morning sky at my house, just before 7:00am as I was heading out to school.
  2. About 7:15ish; it’s kind of hard for everyone in class to really wake up and get cracking on a Saturday morning, so I took some doughnuts to jump start everyone with sugar.
  3. About 8:00, as I arrived at campus, with some sea gulls flying around the school (though I have no idea why, or where they normally hang out).
  4. Heading home from school about 12:00 or so (I had to ditch the last half of class), sitting in football traffic for a game that wouldn’t start for another two hours.
  5. Back at my house before heading out to the football game, just after 1:00.
  6. Fighter jet flyover following the national anthem, about 2:30
  7. At the OU home games, during every kick off, the fans all stick their #1 fingers in the air with a long, drawn out O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-U!  I’m not sure of the time, during the game some time.
  8. Not sure of this time, either—just a quick pic of me and Brian.
  9. Post-game traffic, about 6:30.
  10. We went to Rudy’s BBQ after the game, and they keep some drinks in a large ice chest.  Rudy’s is about half a mile from where we were parked, but remember that line of traffic?  And a good portion of those people beat us to Rudy’s, so we had to wait behind them there, too.  I snapped this photo while we were waiting in that line; I’d guess about 7:30.

Even if I did cheat a little bit on the finer points of the project, it was still fun.  I think I’ll probably do it again.  You can find out more about it here.

And that’s the photo round up for this week; next Sunday we’ll find out what Chantelle had in store for us this week.  I hope you all have a good week ahead.