Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Worth the Price of Admission?


As I may have mentioned from time to time, we watch a lot of football around our house.  Well, to be more accurate, except for the Sooner games, mostly Brian watches, and I do homework or read or something, while keeping half an eye on the game.  But either way, this past Sunday, we joined another hundred million or so folks and tuned in to the Super Bowl.

The game was fine.  My uneducated guess had been that the Ravens would emerge victorious, so yay for my guessing skills.  Beyonce was also fine, though I’m not really a fan.  And, the blackout made for some amusing memes.

super bowl blackout

Still, everyone knows that the point of watching the Super Bowl is to see the commercials, right?  Of course.  Though I have to admit that I was a little bit disappointed this year.  All in all, I really thought they were just a little bit blah, and, given the millions of dollars the advertisers have to pay to get their spots on during the big game, you’d think they’d make sure blah was not on the menu.  Even so, there were a few that I did enjoy.


  It’s not all that often that I end up with a car commercial on my faves list, but this one amused me.


  It might not be common to have a car ad in my top list, but it’s downright traditional for Budweiser to land there.  This year is no exception.  Incidentally, the baby in the ad is now named Hope.


  Seriously, this cracked me up.


  Look, it’s another car commercial! But any parent who’s ever been caught unprepared for a childhood conversation can relate to this one.



And that’s about it.  Sad that I can’t even come up with a top 5, but these are the only ones that really stuck out for me.  Like I said, a pretty sad lot, and if I was an advertiser who’d shelled out four million bucks for my moment of fame, I’d be sadder still.  But none of that will keep me from tuning in again next year.

Did you have any ad favorites?