Monday, February 25, 2013

Snapshot Sunday, February 24


Wowser.  I’ve been staring at textbooks, homework assignments, and computer screens off and on all weekend, and today, it’s been mostly “on”.  So, I finally printed off the last of some petitions and summons that I needed to finish up for this week and looked at the clock and realize it’s almost 5am.  It’s no wonder I was having such a hard time with my spelling and sentence structure.  Besides being awful late, I took my pain pill sometime right around midnight.  I think I did doze off for a few minutes sitting here with the laptop, but not long enough to really interrupt anything.  Still, I do need to think about getting some sleep, though there’s at least a small possibility classes will be cancelled tonight because of a winter storm that’s rolling into the state.  Can’t entirely count on that, though, so I’ll post this week’s photos and then crash for a few hours.  Not a single one of these have been edited in any way (well, except for one that was cropped way down), so this is just what you get straight out of my phone.



  Prompt:  In your hand.  Last Sunday’s dinner, carried in piping hot.  Yum.








  Prompt:  Something you don’t like.  See that post right there?  And can you see just the tiniest smidgen of black just on the left hand side of it? That’s my teacher’s arm back there.  Of course, the rest of her is there, too, but I can rarely see her.  I hate that post.








  Prompt:  I am . . . not a morning person!  Just leave me snuggled up a little while longer, please.







  Prompt:  Where you stood.  Back out at a spot by the lake during some rain/sleet we got last week.  Yucky day, but it’s good to see the water levels coming up.






  Prompt:  Full.  Hah.  This is my overflowing trash bag in my car. 










    Prompt:  Makes you smile.  Watching the feed of the pretty owl, Mrs. Tiger.  See that tiny little white fluff underneath her?  That’s her day-old baby, Tigris.  There’s another one now; its name is Teegra.  I love watching this little family, and it definitely makes me smile.




IMG_2519[1]  Prompt:  Word.  I mentioned all the homework this weekend, right?  Guess which subject?


And that’s it for this week.  The rain that is supposed to turn to snow this afternoon is just moving into our area; I hear the thunder rumbling across the skies.  That’ll make nice sleeping weather.

Oh, and if you’ve been thinking that you might like to start playing along with photo a day, we are coming up on a new month, and the March list was just posted.  Drop over to Fat Mum Slim and check it out.