Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Day of Love


Valentine 2-14-13

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Welcome to February 14th, everybody.  Have you had a day filled with hearts and flowers?  Yeah, me, either.  Though, if you believe all the hype, you’re in the minority if you haven’t been showered with romance from your significant other all day.

Maybe Valentine’s Day isn’t quite the universal day of love, but it certainly spans international boundaries, including getting a huge amount of play here in the U.S.  But why do we celebrate the day?  And, more important, shouldn’t we shower our significant others with love every day?  Though I guess it’s nice to have a day set aside to do something a little extra special. 

But as for why, I think my favorite part about the holiday is that nobody really knows why.  I think it falls under the heading of Any Reason to Celebrate.  But, there are several theories about who Valentine was and what he did to become the God of Love.  For myself, I like the version that says the day is named after a Roman priest who secretly performed weddings for young men who had been forbidden to marry.  For his defiance, he ended up dead, so I guess no chocolate for him.  There are another couple of guys that could’ve been the Valentine, but they were martyrs for their causes, too.  I guess tragedy often goes hand in hand with love, doesn’t it?

Still, all in all, I’d rather focus on the beauty of red roses and a romantic evening out somewhere.  But, as I think I mentioned recently, around here, things are usually pretty low-key on Valentine’s day.  This year, we decided we wouldn’t even exchange gifts, just go for a nice dinner somewhere and see a movie.  But now my Valentine is under the weather, so it looks like even those plans will be delayed for a while.   And, too bad for him, today Brian hit the “worse before it’s better” stage of illness.  I’m hoping today was the worst of it for him, but I don’t know.  When I talked to him this evening from school, he sounded pretty darn miserable.  Of course, I’m not too proud to admit there’s also a selfish part of me that wants his recovery to be speedy—he’s a really bad patient.  Seriously, you’d think he was dying, or something.  I’m not sure, but I’d bet all those different historical Valentines didn’t complain as much when they were led off to their executions!

Lastly, I’ll leave you with a holiday song from one of my favorite female artists.









Did you do anything special for the holiday, or was it just another day?