Monday, February 11, 2013

Snapshot Sunday #25


Well, the weekend is winding to a close, and it’s time to browse through this week’s daily photos before I head off to bed and get up tomorrow for more classes and case briefs.  Oh, and I have my first exam tomorrow night, too.  Contracts.  I think that’s probably my most difficult class, so I could wish I was starting with something else. 

3.  Something Beginning with E


  Prompt:  Something beginning with E.  A bunch of eggs at the store, just sitting there all enticing like.








4.  Hope


  Prompt:  Hope. This is part of our local lake.  We sure do hope for some rain.


5.  Something You Smelled


  Prompt:  Something you smelled.  Yummy lunch.  Toasted tuna sandwich, accompanied by some Ruffles and French onion dip. 








6.  Soft


  Prompt:  Soft.  One of my very favorite pillows.  It’s soft and inviting like a comfy, plush robe.  I don’t even like to put a pillow case on it because I like to feel it against my skin.



7.  Your Name


  Prompt:  Your name.  A childhood purse.  Somebody my mom or grandma knew made them, including the personalization.  As I may have mentioned before, with my unusual spelling, I didn’t have too many things with my name on them, so I thought this was cool.


8.  Something Orange


  Prompt:  Something orange.  The carrots left over after finishing off my bowl of beef stew.  I don’t like them cooked, so I always eat around them.






9.  Guilty Pleasure


  Prompt:  Guilty pleasure.  Sugar on my grapefruit.  Usually I use Truvia so there are very few calories in my meal, but sometimes I just have to splurge and use the real stuff.

Hmm.  Looking back over the week, it seems I may have been overly focused on food.  I think that says a lot, but nothing that I want to dwell on.  Anyway, as always, think about dropping by Fat Mum Slim to check out the prompt list and have some photo fun yourself.

But that’s a wrap for tonight.  It’s getting late, and I feel the nightly med kicking in.  Only another week until my doctor appointment, and I’m hoping they can figure out the problem.  Sadly, if it’s what I fear it may be, it required a surgical intervention last time around which will likely mean dealing with it for another month until spring break rolls around.  But I’d still be glad to have an answer and a plan.

Good night and a pleasant ‘morrow to you all.  Oh, and do me a favor and cross your fingers for my contracts test, would ya?