Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Monday Mash Up


swirl 2-12-13


Just a few odds and ends tonight, as I still have four case briefs to write before class tomorrow afternoon.

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  • I’m sad to report that I only got an 80% on my exam today; I was hoping for at least a 90.  More sadly for the rest of the class, based on what I heard from others, I think mine was one of the higher scores; there were some pretty unhappy people walking out of that classroom this evening.  I try to tell myself that at least now I know what kind of exams to expect from the guy, so I should be better prepared next time around.
  • On the other hand, we also got our first memo grades back, and I got a 100 on that, so at least that was a little bit of off-setting good news.  Professor even said I moved far beyond where we are in class so far, and did more than he expected, so yay me for that. 
  • On the other other hand, I have a quiz in a different class that was rescheduled from last week when the instructor had to cancel class.  It’s a small point value, so I’m not too worried about the impact of it all, but I am worried that I’m unprepared and don’t even know how to prepare, because it’s a weirdo class.  I am more stressed about it now after such a dismal showing on a test I thought I was mostly ready for. 
  • Looks like it’s time to put my emergency overnight bag back in my car, since we’re expecting a winter storm tomorrow.  I used to keep one in my trunk all winter long when I was working, because a 50 mile commute could get pretty treacherous when black ice rolled in.  My school is closer than my old job—only about 35 miles—but that could still be far enough that too much ice and/or snow could make a hotel seem like a much safer proposition for the night.
  • Heard about a study today that said Oklahoma City is in the top five adulterous cities in the nation.  Sometimes the Bible Belt keeps secrets.
  • There was a manhunt in town today for two escaped inmates.  They weren’t anywhere near my house—and they were both caught within a few hours—but it made me feel not too safe being home alone all day.  Oh, and I had to call my granny and tell her to lock her door, because she always sits with it open all day.  We’re not exactly a small town, but small enough that things like that don’t happen all that often.
  • I’m going to have the opportunity to travel to a couple of Phi Theta Kappa conventions in the next couple of months (assuming all the funding goes properly), but there’s apparently a formal banquet at each one, and I am pretty sure I have nothing appropriate to wear.  When I lost weight before, I got rid of a whole bunch of clothes, and since my job at the time was completely casual dress code, I didn’t need to replace anything except some jeans.  I’ll have to search through my closet and decide if I can pull something together or will have to go shopping.  Not sure which I’m hoping for.

And I think that’s all that’s on my mind for today.  Well, you know, except for those four waiting cases.  All about false imprisonment—should be interesting.

What’s on your mind today?