Thursday, February 7, 2013

Weight Loss Wednesday, February 6


Wow.  I’ve been writing case briefs all night—which will have to be proof read very carefully before class tomorrow due to another pain pill and the associated fuzzy brain—and I was shutting down my computer when I realized I hadn’t posted this week’s Weight Loss Wednesday.

Well, as it turns out, it’s a really short post anyway, so I guess it’s not that big a deal.  I’m not even going to bother with a chart this week.  Why?  Because charts with a lot of 0s in them are pretty worthless.  Not to mention pretty boring. 

I have not worked out this week, I don’t think I’ve exceeded five thousand steps any single day, and I haven’t done even one single plank.  Whatever is going on with my back is making it very difficult to even walk, much less anything more aggressive than that.  I think I might’ve mentioned before that Wendy’s plank challenge this month was also going to include daily squats, and I will say that I’ve managed a few of those every day, usually about 25 or so.  However, they’ve been very slow, not very deep, and spread out throughout the day, since I can only manage a few at a time.  Honestly, they probably don’t even do much good that way, but I usually do them in conjunction with some attempts to stretch my back, so I feel like I’m at least accomplishing something

And, not surprisingly (but still depressing), the scale is up 1.5 pounds this week.  I’ve got to figure something out pretty soon.  Honestly, without getting into TMI, I’ve been thinking that it’s possible my back pain is actually rooted in the dreaded “female problems”.  Several years ago, I had some very similar symptoms, though they started out a bit differently, which I think is why it took me a while to recognize that they’re actually pretty much alike.  I have a regular appointment with my doctor later this month, but I think I’ll give them a call and see if maybe I can get in next week.  He’s a busy guy, so I don’t hold out a lot of hope for that, but it’s at least worth asking.  It would be nice not to spend the whole day in agony and the whole night doped up, so wish me luck with that.  On the upside, though, those pain pills sure are helping me sleep! 

And with that thought in mind, I bid you all good night.

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