Monday, June 10, 2013

Snapshot Sunday, June 9


Having only been back at the work gig for a week, is it too early to say that the weekends are too short?  Probably wouldn’t seem that way if I wasn’t stressing over school already; have I mentioned how much I really don’t get along with math?  Even the easy stuff.  But I’m plugging along, trying to get a tiny bit ahead so when the real workload kicks in in the other classes, I won’t be totally overwhelmed.

But, enough of that.  I have to go in to work a bit early tomorrow (yeah, after only one week!), and I need to get to bed soon, so let’s take a look at this week’s pictures.  I have to say, I’m not particularly thrilled with some of them, but it was fun to be looking around to take a picture every day again.  Thanks to Chantelle for the prompts.

2.  A moment


  Prompt:  A moment.  I went out for a short walk, and over the crunch of the gravel, I heard singing.  Looking around, I saw this little guy.  Of course I had to stop to watch and listen for a minute.










3.  On my table


  Prompt:  On my table.  This is what’s on my school table today—and probably every day for the next couple of months.  I mentioned that I’m not really a fan, right?





4.  After dark


  Prompt:  After dark.  Apparently not too many people want to spend their summer weeknights at school.  The place is like a ghost town.



5.  Environment


  Prompt:  Environment.  Part of our new backyard environment after last week’s storm knocked this poor old thing to its knees.





6.  Transport


  Prompt:  Transport.  I think the picture speaks for itself in terms of the daily prompt, but Brian is not only a car guy in general, but a Chevelle guy in particular.  I thought he’d appreciate this.








7.  Bright


  Prompt:  Bright.  The final moments of brightness before night claims the sky.








8. An animal


  Prompt:  An animal.  This is Dreamsicle, one of our kittens. 

And that’s a wrap on my first full week of photo a day.  Fun times.  Let’s see what’s next.