Saturday, June 8, 2013

No Questions, but 5 Things


So, I waited until the last minute to check in over at Mama M’s place, only to find that there is no Five Question Friday for today.  This makes me sad.  Not just because it’s an easy post to get together, but because I also am frequently amused and/or interested in the questions and others’ responses to them.  But, who am I kidding?  Since I wrote those last couple of sentences almost an hour ago—just before drifting off to sleep for a while—I think it’s safe to assume that the easiness really appeals to me!  This is especially true at the end of my first week back to work, when I’m really dragging and barely hanging on.

NO five question friday

So, to honor my first TGIF as an employed person, and in the spirit of 5QF, let’s play a quick round of 5 Things, in this case, 5 Things About My New Job . . .

  1. As you might expect from a law firm, it’s located in the heart of the downtown area, close to the courthouses and such.  Downtown is quite possibly the last place I would have ever expected (or particularly wanted) to work.  I’m hoping to find out all the good things about being in such an area so regularly.
  2. When I was shown around the office Monday morning, I wondered for a minute if maybe I’d somehow become employed on the TARDIS, or something, as there was a labyrinth  of offices that I never would have expected from the outside.
  3. I’m pretty sure that I’ve already been responsible for the death of at least one or two trees, due to the sheer volume of paper we use; I’m already working on suggestions to digitize some of what we do.
  4. The parking lot is on the roof of the building, with a crazy entrance ramp around a sharp corner.  Last weekend, Brian and I drove up to the city so I could practice the parking maneuver; wouldn’t want to crash into the building on the first day!
  5. Everyone seems to value the contribution made by others. “Thank you” is a pretty common phrase heard throughout the halls, and I think you can’t go too wrong with that. 

And, that’s five things about my new job, though it’s now almost three hours after I started this post, and that drifting off to sleep thing I mentioned earlier has become pretty routine.  I think I need to just give it up and go on to bed.  Here’s hoping for a return to 5 Question Friday next week.