Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Nothing On TV


Well, here it is, Tube Day Tuesday again, and I wish I could be regaling you with some tales of enjoyable TV viewing.  Instead, I’ll have to tell you about a couple of things that are upcoming, as soon as I can get this stupid math course under control.  I mean, I suppose I could tell you again how much I really don’t get along with math.  Or I could tell you how truly annoyed I’m going to be if this class jacks up my GPA, when I don’t even need it for my real degree.  But the only thing all that has to do with television is that it’s the reason I’m not getting to watch any these days.  Really, I’m lucky if there’s an hour or so playing during dinner time.  After that, forget about it; I’ve got homework to do.

So, within the next couple of weeks or so, I hope to give you my impressions of USA Network’s new show, Graceland, and I hope to chat with you a bit about the now-defunct TNT series, Raising the Bar.

But, all of that has to come after compound interest, geometry, probabilities, and whatever else is it we’ve got to cover before this summer is over.   All in all, I’d certainly rather be watching TV.

No TV 6-12-13

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