Tuesday, April 16, 2013

White Collar to the Rescue


Feeling a little run down today.  Operating on about 4.5 hours sleep because of way too much homework to get done, which is a bad cycle to be in so early in the week.  And, to top it off, with all the assignments I had to get done, some simple textbook reading got set aside for a later time, but our professor must have some sort of sixth sense, or something, because she called us out and gave a pop quiz over the chapter.  There were some in the class who didn’t write a single answer down.  Thankfully, I wasn’t quite that unprepared, but my simple skim of the pages didn’t help me much.  Oh, well; better luck next time.

So what does any of that have to do with Tube Day Tuesday?  Honestly, not much, except that it means I’ve seen very little television in the past week or so.  And, much of what I’ve seen in the past 24 hours has been about Boston.  That’s enough to make a person feel run down, too.  Late last year—just a couple of days before the tragedy in Sandy Hook—I wondered what the world was coming to, with violence seeming to surround us daily.  I’m still wondering, and constant images of disaster accompanied by nothing but confusion and hypothesis do nothing to make me feel any better.  I’ve discussed before the relationship television has with disaster, and it’s a relationship that’s going strong.

But, there is some good news on the television scene this week:  my beloved White Collar has won the 3rd Annual Buzz Focus Spring Madness Tournament.  Now, oddly, even though the tournament concluded a week ago, there’s been no official announcement over at Buzz Focus, and even their tournament bracket hasn’t been updated.  It’s a little strange.  But, the poll results clearly show White Collar walked all over Breaking Bad  for a whopping landslide.  And, the White Collar Facebook page is claiming victory, so I’m saying it’s a done deal, even if the tournament hosts are being strangely silent.  So, let’s hear it for my favorite federal agent/con man duo!

White Collar Spring Madness 4-16-13

  White Collar Vote 4-16-13










See?  Even when I’m run down, I can always be cheery about White Collar.  If only it was so simple to solve all life’s problems.