Monday, April 1, 2013

Snapshot Sunday, March 31


Like Ross and Rachel, my camera and I seem to be on a break these days.  (And, yeah, if you caught that reference, maybe you’re as big a TV junkie as I am.)  Anyway, I didn’t even take any Easter pictures today—mostly because we didn’t really have any Easter festivities.  Billy worked, and I had studying to do, which made for a pretty boring day.  Brian and I did take a short trip into town to check out the new Sprouts grocery store, and there were actually some fairly attractive food displays in there, but it was kind of busy and not really conducive to picture taking.  So, long story short, no photos today.  And the only photos this week were more pretty routine bird pictures.  I may be getting into a bad habit.  Although, we do leave Wednesday for the PTK trip to San Jose, so I’m sure there’ll be some photo opportunities next week.

Anyway, since I didn’t take any pictures today, I decided to browse back through some of my “archives” (otherwise known as the thousands upon thousand of picture files I have scattered about on various hard drives), and see if there were any old Easter pics I particularly enjoyed.  Of course, I’ve got some with Billy and Taylor, some of my favorite models, so here are a few from years past.

So, I found some pictures of Billy and Taylor, and then my external drive caused my computer to crash.  Once the computer was working again, the drive was not.  I’m trying not to panic about that, since there are a lot of photos on that drive.  Looks like I’ve got yet another project added to my list:  figure out how to recover the data on that stupid hard drive.  Fingers crossed on that.

In the meantime, what I do still have access to are a few pictures from Billy’s first three Easters.  He was a cutie, if I do say so myself!






























   (Man, my hair was short!)







I hope you all had wonderful holidays with your families, and that the week ahead is filled with everything that you need.