Friday, April 12, 2013

Five Questions and a Day Off


Fridays are such strange days for me.  They are my “off” day—no classes.  And I always think it will make a great day to get caught up on some homework, or housework, or any number of other things that get neglected during the week.  But it so very rarely works out that way.  If I actually end up having a free day, I tend to take full advantage of it and just rest all day.  Or—like today—I wind up getting myself committed to too many things (always thinking, “oh, well, I have all day”) and then I just end up worn out and still don’t accomplish the extra homework, or housework, or whatever.  So, on Fridays, I typically get far less done than any other day of the week, which is maybe the way it’s supposed to be on a day off, but I always feel guilty about it.

But what I do need to get done is this week’s Five Question Friday post, so let’s get after it.

five question friday

1. Where do you hide things from your kids at?

Kids, husband, it’s all the same; things that need to stay out of sight go into the depths of my closet.  It’s a particularly good hiding spot.  In fact, I’ve been know to stick holiday gifts in there and then forget them myself.

2. What is your favorite rainy day activity for bored toddlers?

Thankfully, this is not something that needs to concern me any longer.  However, let me say that it doesn’t take long to learn that there are only so many books you can read, puzzles you can work, and pictures you can draw.  Barney was a very good friend.

3. Are you a punctual person or are you always running a few minutes (or more!) late??

I hate to admit that I am often tardy to various things.  Strangely, very, very rarely am I ever late to class.

4. When eating out, do you prefer off the beaten path "Mom and Pop" cafes or tried and true national food chains?

As I may have mentioned, I am not very adventurous when it comes to food.  Consequently, I tend to stick to the places that I know are “safe”, which often means well-known chains.  However, several of my favorite vacation food memories come from local spots:  some spectacular pancakes in Santa Fe, NM, the best orange juice I’ve ever had in Pasadena, CA, and some truly scrumptious pizza in Fort Bragg, CA.  All the kind of stuff you won’t find at IHOP or Pizza Hut.

5. Does your significant other snore? Do YOU snore?

I snore sometimes, most often when I am extremely exhausted.  But I don’t think it’s very bad, though, naturally, it’s hard for me to know for sure.  Brian, on the other hand, snores like crazy.  And it’s not just that it’s loud, but it goes on for a really long time.  It’s not too bad when we go to bed together, because then I usually fall asleep before it gets too bad.  But, because of our conflicting schedules, that doesn’t actually happen all that often.  And when I go to bed after he’s already in a deep sleep, it can be a real challenge to get there myself.  I try and get by with just a few well-placed nudges to get him to quiet down, but sometimes that doesn’t work and I actually have to wake him up. That makes him pretty cranky.

And that’s it for tonight.  Here’s hoping I find at least a little bit of motivation to get something done before I have to go to bed.  And, maybe also hope that I don’t fight the snore monster tonight.