Sunday, April 14, 2013

Snapshot Sunday, April 14


If you saw my Six Word Saturday post yesterday, you might be wondering why there was a fake Elvis performing in my dining room.  And, if you weren’t aware, let me assure you that, yes, there really was a phony King of Rock and Roll gyrating round in my home yesterday.  And, seeing as how this is Snapshot Sunday here on the blog, I thought revisiting the performance might be worthwhile.  I especially thought it was worth a post when I realized that today is also Moment of Laughter Day.  And, if a pseudo Elvis, circa 1977, doesn’t give you at least a bit of a chuckle, I think maybe you’re just not trying hard enough.

But, first, the explanation.  It all started with the home health folks who work with my granny.  It seems they have a program for giving their patients a “gift day”, and for the year or so that they’ve been taking care of her, they’ve asked several times what sort of thing she might like.  We never really had an answer, but a while back she mentioned to them that she always like Elvis’ music, and they got the idea that they should arrange for some kind of command performance.  Scheduling was a bit of a challenge, and it finally came down to the month of April.  Well, since her birthday was on the first, this month seemed the perfect time to do a gathering in her honor, anyway.  So, that’s how it came to be that an aging gentleman with muttonchops came strolling up my driveway yesterday.

I don’t know where the hospice folks found him, but my instinct is that these Elvis gigs are not his primary means of support.  Still, he seemed like a nice enough guy, and while he wasn’t exactly a dead ringer for the King, he was enthusiastic.  Most important, though, Granny seemed to enjoy it, and that was the whole point.

So, here are a few photos of Granny being serenaded; and you’ll see that I even got the royal treatment once.

Elvis Party 4-14-13

And, to really get in the spirit of Moment of Laughter Day, I’ll also include a video of Elvis’ opening number.

Well, it seems the video uploader isn’t cooperating at the moment, I’ll check back later tonight or tomorrow morning and try to get the vid posted.  In the meantime, surely the photos themselves give a little bit of an idea of what you missed out on.  Smile

VIDEO UPDATE: YouTube is still being persnickety today, but I think this is working now.  Too late for the official date, but I think you might still get a moment of laughter from it.  I know we did.

Good night, and here’s wishing you all a very happy Monday and new week.