Monday, April 1, 2013

Monday Happenings

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joker 4-1-13  You know what I’ve decided is one of the very best things about being grown up?  No one (or at least not too many) feels inclined to play stupid April Fool’s jokes.  I’m not much of a jokester, and goofy pranks have never been high on my list. 

  On the other hand, I did see a status on Facebook earlier today that was something of a tirade.  A woman was emphatically telling everyone that they should not put any “stupid pranks” up about being pregnant, because it would be hurtful to those who were either unable to conceive or who had lost a child.  Now, as I said, I’m not a fan of April Fool’s fun and games, but I thought that went a little far.  I try really hard to be as kind and respectful of others’ feelings as I possibly can, but sometimes I think we’re just over the top with the whole PC thing.  I mean, would a fake joke about pregnancy be any more hurtful than an honest update sharing your joy?  I’d think the latter might be even more hurtful, because that person would really have the happiness you are seeking.  I don’t know.  Like I said, sometimes I think we go too far.

But, that’s enough of that; it was just something that was on my mind.  Other than April Fool’s, today is also my granny’s birthday; she’s now 93.  I’d like to say that is “93 years young”, but the truth is, she’s pretty old.  Still and all, not as old as you might think a 93 year old would be, and she’s relatively healthy, so yay for her.

In still other news, got the first of two mid-terms out of the way today, and I think it went okay.  Typically, the one issue I was least confident about had about five different questions on the test, but what’re you going to do about that?  But I am glad this instructor believes in partial credit!  Now just one more test to get through tomorrow, and then I can quit worrying about school (mostly) and try to enjoy my Phi Theta Kappa trip out to California this week.  We’re leaving before the crack of dawn on Wednesday, and I’m not too thrilled about that aspect of it, but it is going to give us a big chunk of the day to just chill and see the sights, since all we have to do that day is check-in, and then we’re free until Thursday. 


And, lastly, for reasons I can’t fully explain, last night at about 11:30, I made the decision to join up with the Ultimate Blog Challenge again this month.  I really didn’t do too well last time around, and I’m even busier now than I was last October, so I’m not exactly sure what I was thinking, but I did it anyway.  We shall see how that goes.

And that’s an update from my world today.  How are things going in your corner?