Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Television Trifles


Tube Day Tuesday digitalart

  As the crush of the end of semester work has started to pile on, I’ve gotten a bit behind in my TV viewing.  This is good for the grades, not so good for a weekly blog post dedicated to television.  Even the shows I’ve managed to stay mostly up to date with have been watched half-heartedly while doing homework, or half-consciously as I struggle to stay awake just long enough to get through an episode and clear a tiny bit of space on the DVR. 

So, that being the case, there’s nothing that’s just really exciting me right now, and nothing that I would feel equipped to truly review, so here are a few tidbits that have seeped into my brain.

Image courtesy of digitalart at freedigitalphotos.net

  • When I say I’m trying to clear space on my DVR, I guess I should put it in perspective.  I’ve got an external drive hooked to the thing with a TB of storage, and only 27% free space.  The blame isn’t all mine—the entire family has some stuff on there that we probably should do something with—but it’s mostly me.
  • One of the shows I tried to get all caught up on from the DVR queue was Psych, only to find that a storm had knocked out the satellite during one of the recordings—major downside to not watching right away when I would’ve still had an opportunity to catch another showing.  USA is great about putting entire episodes up on their site, but not for a month after initial broadcast.  Thankfully, I was about two weeks behind on that particular episode, so I’m halfway through the waiting period.
  • Speaking of USA, I really miss White Collar.  No new episodes until fall, and that seems like an eternity.  (On the upside, Suits returns this summer, as does just about every other USA program.)
  • Still speaking of USA, their newest show, Graceland, hits the air in early June, and I’m looking forward to it.  It’s created by Jeff Eastin, the guy who brought us White Collar, so I’ve got high hopes.
  • The newish show Golden Boy is turning out to be better than I anticipated.  It’s still a little rough around the edges, but it’s got potential.
  • The newest companion on Doctor Who has not yet won me over.  Clara is her name, and she’s . . . well, honestly, I don’t know what the problem is, but I don’t quite like her yet.  Can’t go so far as to say I dislike her, but she’s just not doing it for me.  Amy Pond she definitely is not.
  • Has there been an announcement about the ending of How I Met Your Mother that I missed?  This season sure feels like a final season.
  • Oh, the great WWW tells me that today is the anniversary of Starsky and Hutch—premiered on this date way back in 1975.  Pre-teen me was hooked from the get-go.
  • I’m a little bit behind on my NCIS, but my Facebook feed is frequently filled with people complaining about Tiva (that’s a smash-up of Tony/Ziva, for those not following along).  I guess I’m in the minority, because I’ve got no problem with the two of them hooking up, if that’s where it’s actually going.  Like most shows, they’ve dragged it out for years with hints and teases, so who knows if it will ever really happen, but what I’ve seen of this season makes it seem that it finally might.
  • I usually say there’s no such thing as “guilty pleasure” television, because you shouldn’t feel guilty about enjoying something as simple as a TV show, but I think I might have finally found mine:  2 Broke Girls.  It’s shallow and juvenile and prurient, but it still makes me laugh.

Okay, that’s it, ten things about television that are rattling around in my brain.  That, and the fact that I’ll be glad when I’ve got more time to devote to my favorite pastime.  Sixteen more days, and I’ll be done with the semester.  That’ll give me just about a month to get caught up before summer classes begin!

What are you watching on TV these days?

Oh, one last thing, unrelated to television.  This is the final day of the Ultimate Blog Challenge.  As with the last couple, the daily posting has been completed (though I’ll confess to a day or two when I really might’ve preferred to let it drop!), but the social aspect of the thing has defeated me.  There are tons of interesting blogs out there, and I wish that I had time to explore all the ones that spark my imagination, but that just hasn’t been the case.  Oh, well, there’s always July.