Friday, April 19, 2013

It’s Friday, No Question


Mama M is taking a break from Five Question Friday this week, which means, by extension, I’m taking a break, too.  In a way, that’s too bad, as my brain is fairly jumbled up and an easy out for today’s topic would’ve been a welcome relief.  On the other hand, because of the jumble in my brain, it also would’ve seemed sort of silly to be chatting on about things other than what’s actually on my mind.

The problem, though, is that I can’t really formulate many coherent thoughts out of the stuff on my mind.  Like most of the nation, I’ve been following the situation in Boston, but trying to stay up to date on what’s happening would be a full-time job.  More than full-time, apparently, since even the professionals aren’t keeping it straight all the time.  But, at this point, following an all-day manhunt, it appears that the second suspect is in custody, though he seems to be seriously injured.  I can only imagine the relief that the people of Boston must be feeling.  The cheers and applause from the onlookers definitely tell a tale.  I can only hope that he can receive successful medical treatment and that he can then provide the authorities all the information they need to determine his involvement in the bombings and further determine if those responsible have truly been found, or if the searching must continue.  Should he die, there will be a lot of unanswered questions, and a pall over whatever relief Boston and the nation may feel.

And, while I completely understand that this young man is likely responsible for a horrendous act, I can’t help but feel empathy for him.  He’s only a child, not much younger than my own son.  Far too young to have enough hate in him to want to murder strangers.  How does this happen?  What kind of pain has he had in his life to get to that point?  It’s heartbreaking, really.

And this manhunt and capture has taken place on the 18th anniversary of the bombing in my own home area, so it evokes a lot of memories.  And it evokes even more questions, mostly the ones that just keep asking, “Why?” or “When will we all learn to get along?”  I grow weary, and it becomes more difficult to believe that the day of peace will happen in my lifetime.  I don’t want to give up hope, but faith becomes more difficult with each passing year.

And in conjunction with all of this, is the tragedy and loss of life in Texas.  More heartbreak there, and another town that will still be feeling the effect of a moment in time years into the future. 

I have no great power—at least, no greater than every single person—but I send healing thoughts and good wishes to the people in Boston, West, TX, and here in OKC who have been affected by such horrific events.  And I add a prayer that no more cities will be added to that list.