Friday, June 19, 2009

So Many Things (Nov. 24, 2005)

I love Thanksgiving. Family and friends gathering to talk, laugh, eat, play games, eat some more. You know how it is. And, of course, it signals the official start of the “holiday season”, which is always exciting.

Mostly, though, I like any day that has a built in excuse for reflecting on the good things in life. Seriously, we tend to get caught up in all the negative stuff; seems like that’s all we ever talk about, and it’s nice to have a day every now and again where it doesn’t seem too corny just to stop and say, “I’ve got an awful lot going for me.”

So, here’s my mental list for 2005, though it certainly isn’t all-inclusive. It’s reaffirming, somehow, to take a bit of time to give thanks, and I hope you’ll take a few minutes to think through your own list, too.

  • My family (every last, goofy one of them)

  • My friends (ditto)

  • The patience of friendship (because there are folks I don’t talk to nearly enough; but I love you, Kim and Tanya)

  • Health

  • A nice place to live

  • Food to eat, today and every day

  • My job (hard to believe, but it has its moments, and something has to pay for life)

  • Music

  • Memories (because there are family and friends no longer with us)

  • Star Trek (yeah, TV, I know, but seriously; have you ever really watched it? There’s a lot to learn.)

  • The dark of night with about a million stars shining above

  • Writing (when I do it, it keeps me sane; when someone else does it, I get something to read)

  • The redwood forest (because it is a beauty that makes you feel absolutely connected to the world and yet totally insignificant all at the same time)

  • The internet (no, really, it’s amazing. Besides, without it, I wouldn’t have some of those friends I mentioned at the top of the list)

  • Laughter, especially from my son

  • Today