Saturday, June 20, 2009

Beginning Again

Several years ago, Yahoo! rolled out their 360 page-- an introduction to social networking sites for me as well as them. One of the things it offered was a blog feature, and I decided to give it a try. In my lifetime, I'd never been very diligent about keeping a "diary" or journal of any kind, so I was skeptical. I was sort of impressed with myself for keeping at it close to six monhts.

Then, just a couple years back, I made another attempt to get back in touch with my inner blogger-- an international trip seemed like the perfect opportunity. But while I was away, things happened here that chased all thoughts of idle chatter from my head, and still the blog sat.

But now Yahoo! is redesigning their site to something new and improved, which will have the end result of deleting the old blog site. Somehow that seemed wrong. Even if I haven't visited with these old posts in a long while, I couldn't quite bring myself to let them just vanish into the ether. So here they are, preserved just a little bit longer. And, maybe the true end result of Yahoo!'s tinkering will be a kick in my pants to get fingers on a keyboard on a semi-regular basis. There's no denying that writing--about anything-- brings with it a certain happy freedom. Also no denying that when I don't write for a really long while, I get decidedly not happy. Maybe this can change all that.

And if you'd like to come along on the ride to happy freedom, I'd be glad to have you.


  1. I'm glad you started again. I'm reading them!

    I know it sez anonymous but its actually Richard, and if you know more then one..its richard from work...and if you know more then one of those...oh hell you know who this is!

  2. Well, Richard--whichever one of you this is!-- I appreciate that you've taken the time to stop by. Besides, my thoughts will probably be more unknown to you these days since we never get a chance to visit any more. If you'd put your stuff someplace besides myspace, I might read it, too!