Friday, June 19, 2009

I should be sleeping (Nov. 23, 2005)

Today was the day I was supposed to get to sleep in. I’m not working, and I don’t have to take the kid to school; oh, happy day. So why was I awake at 5:15 this morning? Probably because my dear husband is not so fortunate, and was up getting ready for work, and some combination of tooth brushing and closet searching sank into my brain. But, I dozed; didn’t really wake up for another half an hour, but then that was it.

I argued with myself for ruining my carefully planned relaxation; lay there for a while, wanting to sleep. Finally got up and took a nice hot shower, then laid down again. I thought the cool, wet hair together with a nice warm comforter was the perfect sleep combination. Hah.
Probably, my body is trying to point out what my brain would like to put off for a while: I’ve got some things to do today. Primarily, house cleaning. There will be visitors tomorrow. Oh, and I need to make some cookies. (Don’t get too worked up, just slice and bake. Martha Stewart I am not.) I'm supposed to pick up some pies. Gotta check the cameras and make sure the batteries are fresh and the memory sticks are empty. And I bought a new graphics card that my son has been badgering me to install, so that’s penciled in, too.

And, yet, here I am, doing none of that. I’ve checked my email, and browsed the news headlines on Yahoo. And, when I finish this, I think I’ll do some beta-work for a couple of folks. I know, none of that is really on my to-do list today. But, hey, according to my plan, I was going to be asleep for another few hours, anyway.