Thursday, March 20, 2014

Well, This is Idle Chatter, Right?


Some random things on my mind today . . .

  • Fred Phelps, founder of the Westboro Baptist Church, has passed away.  Generally speaking, I recognize the inherent sadness in the loss of any life, and sympathize for the family and friends left behind.  I’m doing some self-examination that my feelings surrounding this particular passing are drifting toward un-Christian.
  • I was reading this story that says not getting enough sleep could cause brain damage.  I wonder a couple of things about that:  First, I’m getting the idea maybe I should re-think my sleep patterns.  Granted, the study seems to focus mostly on people on weird work shifts that really mess with normal sleeping or those who are seriously sleep deprived, but I know I definitely need at least another two hours per night to be truly rested, and probably more.  Yet, it’s almost midnight, and here I am.  Second, I was thinking about the idea that an awful lot of people seem to have altered sleep patterns as they become elderly, and an awful lot of elderly people suffer impaired cognitive functions, so could those things be related?  Could we knock out a whole lot of dementia-type symptoms if we just found a way to help people get a good night’s sleep?  Probably too simplistic, but it crossed my mind.
  • It’s now been a full two months since I took my certified paralegal exams, and I still don’t have the results.  According to the schedule, the grades were supposed to be released last week, and yesterday I finally got antsy enough to call and inquire.  Seems there was a snafu of some sort with the grading, though they assure me that it has now been corrected and results will be going out “real soon”.  I mostly pushed it aside for the past couple of months, but this past week I’ve been going a little crazy waiting; they really need to get those grades out soon.  If I haven’t said it yet, I’ll say now that I’m pretty sure I will need to retake at least one section, but I can’t register for retakes until I know what I’m dealing with, so they just need to get a move on
  • I’m starting to get excited about the upcoming PTK trip to Orlando.  One nice thing about traveling with a group of nerds is that when I suggested some of our precious free time be spent venturing over to Universal Studios to check out the Harry Potter world, everyone was immediately onboard with the idea.
  • It was the International Day of Happiness (and I hope you all enjoyed it!), plus, one lady at my work is totally enthralled by Pharrell Williams’ song, anyway.  It’s a catchy tune, and all that, and I’ve certainly got nothing against it, but I’m still trying to figure out how a room without a roof could possibly be happy.

Okay, I guess that’s all the ramblings for now.  I’ll try to rush to bed before the day rolls over and see if I can maybe reverse some of that brain damage that has already been done.  You should be sure to get a good night’s rest, too.  Oh, and clap along!