Friday, March 28, 2014

That’s What Friends Are For


You know, I was saying to someone recently that when I returned to school a couple of years ago, I hadn’t anticipated that it would be a particularly social event.  I mean, not that I expected to just sit in a corner and never interact with anyone, but I didn’t figure it would be too terribly far from that.  Besides being a natural-born introvert, and shy, I also planned on being the oldest person in most of my classes. (That last part has mostly been true, but less important than I’d imagined.)  I figured I’d get along with people as much as necessary to make some idle chit-chat in class and muddle through a group project or two, but really nothing more.  It truly never occurred to me that I would have friends.  And yet . . .

Conversations that started out as discussions about lessons and readings, turned in to conversations about husbands and kids.  Companionable strolls to the cars after class turned in to long visits in the parking lot.  Visiting on campus turned in to monthly lunch get togethers.   Baby showers have been held and attended.  (Yes, I’ve been the attendee, not the guest of honor!)  It’s been really nice.

And, though I’m less active in PTK this semester than I have been since I joined, I think this may be my favorite group of people yet.  Maybe it’s because most of us are “older students”, or maybe we’re all just the same kind of weird, but we all seem to get along really well.

I’m thinking about all of this because I had a really enjoyable time with the PTK folks this evening, first at a meeting, then working on a chapter scrapbook, and then at an impromptu dinner out with one of the advisors.  And it occurred to me that my time at school certainly could have turned out the way I anticipated.  I still would’ve learned, still would’ve passed the classes, still would’ve gotten my degree.  But none of it would’ve been nearly as much fun.