Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Weight Loss Wednesday, January 30


Well, might as well get the not-so-great news out of the way up front:  no weight loss this week.  Of course, looking at my activity for the week, it really isn’t surprising.  Also, one of the things I realized in the final few months of last year was that it’s really easy to eat a bunch of crap when I’m going to school, and that has proven to hold true the past week or so that classes have been in session again.  I’ve got to give some serious thought to how to conveniently eat without eating convenience food.

I did try my first kettle bell workout this week, and thought it might kill me!  Honestly, I was surprised, as on the surface, it seems like a pretty simple workout, but it was more of a strain than I anticipated, even for just a short beginner session.  I think once a week for a while will be plenty for that.  And, I forgot to do my plank yesterday.  I think I’m going to continue the challenge into next month, so I guess I better get my act together about that.

And, a quick word about FitDesk, since it was my primary activity this past week.  If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a little stationary bike that has a handy deskish block of foam on the handlebars so that you can do some multi-tasking rather than just sit on your butt and do nothing.  I bought it last semester when I realized my naturally sedentary proclivities were going to be exacerbated by the need to sit for long stretches of time while studying.  This way, I can read or work on my computer and still get in at least a little bit of movement.  Now, I will say that the desk is not entirely sufficient for much of my work—it’s not really big enough to conveniently hold both a textbook and a notebook—but Brian says he can make a better work surface for me.  He’s already made a different seat for the thing, as it wasn’t particularly comfortable.  Pretty soon, it’ll be perfect, and I’ll be able to spend even more time on it.  Of course, it’s very low energy, truly more for keeping up minor activity, not so much for working up a real burn.  That’s more of the problem this week—not enough high-energy, high-calorie burning workouts.  And, even with the FitDesk, there still wasn’t enough basic activity, as evidenced by my low step count.  Only 69,403, down even from last week.  Yeah, it’s no wonder no pounds dropped off this time around.  I am going to do better this week, though I’m giving myself an uphill climb, since I started with a rest day for today, and won’t even hit 5K steps.  I had lots of reading to do before class tonight. 

And, speaking of today, I should point out that I changed the start/end days of my weekly tracking calendar.  Last week, I ran Thurs-Wed, but then the day wasn’t finished before I posted, so I decided I’d rearrange and run Wed-Tues; that’s how it will be listed going forward.





Wed 1:15 47 minutes, Leslie Sansone 18,005
Thurs :35 36 minutes, FitDesk 13,232
Fri :43 Rest Day 1,565
Sat 1:10
(This was supposed to be rest day of plank challenge, but since I missed a day last week, I’m making up.)
43 minutes, kettle bell, floor stretching, glider 7,511
Sun :27 1 hour 11 minutes FitDesk. 7,600
Mon :45 1 hour 41 minutes FitDesk 7,971
Tues N/A 45 minutes FitDesk 13,519


And that’s a wrap for this week’s Weight Loss Wednesday.  It’s onward and upward (or, downward, hopefully) from here.

weight loss wednesday 1-23-13





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