Monday, January 21, 2013

Snapshot Sunday #23


I’m getting a late start on things today.  Technically, it’s already tomorrow, which proves that my whole plan of getting to bed earlier this week is completely jacked up.  But in the interest of not being awake any longer than necessary, let’s get to the pictures. 

As always, daily photo prompts are provided by Chantelle at Fat Mum Slim.

13.  Circle


  Prompt:  Circle.  The business end of my hair dryer.  I have to say, this looked a lot cooler in person than it did on the camera!





14.  Something Yellow


  Prompt:  Something yellow.  A bright spot in a festive bouquet.









15.  An Ordinary Moment


  Prompt:  An ordinary moment.  Doesn’t get much more ordinary than this: staring at a blank screen and pondering today’s blog topic.








16.  Two Things


  Prompt:  Two things.  The two halves of my breakfast grapefruit.  mmm.



17.  Ready


  Prompt:  Ready.  My stack of textbooks, ready and waiting for the upcoming semester.







18.  Shadow


  Prompt:  Shadow.  The crafty trees I made for Christmas are still displayed in my house, as I haven’t quite determined what to do with them.  I kept lighting them up for quite a while, because they make really good night lights in the very dark room they’re in.  But, turned off, they make spooky shadows.






19.  Delicious

Prompt:  Delicious.  We took sandwiches to the duck pond yesterday to enjoy a simple picnic in the sunshine.  Most people don’t think a ham and cheese sandwich is all that spectacular, but I think Mr. Goodcents’ bread is delicious.  Incidentally, Brian was afraid I was taking a picture of my food to post on Facebook or Twitter; he was glad to know it was the prompt of the day!

Don’t forget; you can join in the photo a day challenge, too.  It’s fun, and gives you a reason to look at things a little differently than you ordinarily might.  Can’t go wrong with that. 

If you’re partaking of the holiday off tomorrow, enjoy your extra day.  Either way, wishing you all a good week ahead.